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About Knocks Basketball

With eight years of experience in the coaching world, founder of Knocks Basketball, Coach David Carta, focuses not only on the fundamentals of basketball, but more importantly on life skills.  Youth sports provide a unique opportunity to explore both the joys and difficulties of success and failure that all will encounter in the journey of life.  

Coach Carta educates his players on how failures should be appreciated and leveraged as opportunities for growth. He also emphasizes how successes that are the result of hard work ultimately hold greater value.

In starting Knocks Basketball, Coach Carta's mission is to put this style of learning, one that identifies setbacks as the catalyst for development, at the forefront.  Hence the name, Knocks Basketball, was conceived in reference to the lessons learned through challenging experience, or rather, the school of hard knocks.  The Knocks Beaver is a fitting mascot, as the beaver is a diligent workhorse in the animal kingdom.  

Embodying these rugged values, Coach Carta looks forward to every opportunity to mentor others who share similar principles. He finds his greatest joy in seeing those that he has guided succeed.


It manifests the true feeling of naches.  

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